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Certainly, one of the oldest method of timing is the measurement with the help of sundials. Even in the hold Egypt people try to measure the time with the help of the sun.

Many intelligent people made the sundials more exact. Only exactly mechanical working clocks replaced sundials. Nowadays under the sign of hectic and stress above all sundials have a relaxed and ruminant effect.


We have created real pieces of jewelleries for a sunny garden corner:


Sundial Type1

So that a sundial indicates the right time it must be produced on the basis of the exact position of the building (degree of latitude) and direction of the wall. Not so at this clock! The flexible figures allow an exact adjustment on the time.

Material: steel

Colour: sun and numbers: gold, bow: black

Measure: sun about 30 cm, bow about 75 cm


Sundial Type 2

As Type 1, however with tight, not movable figures.


Sundial Type 3

Clear, well legible bow of numbers

Material: steel

Colour: sun: gold, bow: black

Measure: sun about 30 cm, bow about 73 cm


Sundial Type 4

Large-scale construction, for your favourite corner in garden. Many people will look at this sundial due to the decorative appearance.

Material: steel

Colour: bow of figures: gold, frame: black

Measure: about 43 x 47 x 54 cm (length x breath x height)

Download this file (Sundials.pdf)Sundials Clocks[ ]93 kB
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