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73730 Esslingen-Zell

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If you want or want not; clocks are always an eye catcher.

What's more obvious as to connect your advertising message with this eye catcher?
Make a stand with these clocks and your company is always in your customer's field of vision.

All clocks are produced in high-grade work of locksmith. The design will be made in cooperation with the customer. Special colours (for example Type W8 brass coloured) improve the demand to offer your customer something special.

The build-in illumination advertises for your company in the darkness, too.


Movements which are alternatively available:

- synchronic clocks with 230 V connection
- by-clocks
- radio-controlled clocks

Please contact us. We are pleased to consult you.



Download this file (advertisingclock.pdf)Advertising clock[ ]785 kB
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