Z + M Zeit- und Messgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Einsteinstraße 1
73730 Esslingen-Zell

Tel: 0711 367011 Fax: 0711 367013

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We dispose of the following machines in toll manufacturing:

Trumpf laser machine, Trumpf CNC bending machine, Amada CNC bending machine, eccentric press, drawing press, drilling line, revolver lathe, milling machine, round machine, grinding machine, sawing automatic machine, cutting scissors, three welding places:

Mig, Mag, Wig, spot welding machine, paint finishing system, electroplating, mounting the assembly.

We offer with this machinery the following performances:

- laser cutting (CAD)
- steel up to 15 mm
- aluminium up to 5 mm
- high-grade steel up to 4 mm
- canting, bending up to 8 mm (CAD)
- punching
- lathing
- milling
- welding
- lacquering and silk-screen print
- galvanizing (to zinc, to copper, to nickel)



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